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Valletta, What To See While Pedalling Through The Streets Of Malta’s Capital City

BUILT FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO by the Knights of St John, this Capital City is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Completely fortified and filled with tales of it’s past, this captivating city is on top when it comes to places to visit in Malta. 

Cycling through these historical streets is the best way to see everything that this magnificent city has to offer. The smallest capital of the European Union, it is also the most historically concentrated site, with over 320 monuments just inside these walls.

What to see in Valletta

Cycling in Valletta is fantastic and an optimal choice when exploring the city. The roads here are narrow and parking bays are almost always filled, making driving a car as good as impossible and very much annoying! Riding a bike through this old town is a great choice because it gives you the opportunity to tour the city from top to toe in a much shorter amount of time than walking.

Cycle to Triton Fountain, and pass through City Gate, the main entrance to Valletta. Get ready to be amazed at the sheer sight of the deep trenches as you pedal across the bridge. Once you’ve entered this magnificent city, we suggest getting off the main road, Republic Street, as pedestrians and buskers roam the streets and it’s virtually impossible to meander through the endless curio shoppers and drifters, while on a bike. Some streets in Valletta do not allow cars and so cycling through is pleasant and enjoyable.

View of Valletta Bastions
Street View of Valletta at night
Triton Fountain at Valletta main entrance

There is a plethora of ancient places to visit and endless architectural masterpieces to look at, you will not be disappointed with anywhere you end up in Valletta. Some amazing sites to see are The Royal Opera House which is an open-air theatre, Parliament, Grandmasters Palace, Fort St Elmo, St John’s Co-Cathedral, The Valletta Food Market and much more! The Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens are a perfect choice to enjoy a break under the peaceful surroundings of green leafy trees and vibrantly coloured gardens.

Lower Barrakka Gardens entrance, Valletta
Monument in the Lower Barrakka Gardens Valletta
Valletta boat houses

If you fancy spending a day getting to know the streets of this fascinating city then be sure to rent a bike from Eco Sports Malta to make your journey even better. We can deliver your bikes directly to you so that you can get getting pedalling straight away.

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