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Interesting Sites To See While Mountain Biking Through The Xemxija Heritage Trail

CYCLING IN THE NORTHERN PARTS OF THE ISLAND is most enjoyable and if you have a Mountain Bike you will not be disappointed.  Biking in and around these areas bring non-stop enjoyment as there are stunning views everywhere you turn and endless amounts of ancient sites to see.

Mountain biking through the Xemxija Hertitage trail

Ok, so, you’ve hired your bikes from Eco Sports and you’ve taken the short journey to the start of the trail. This is only about five kilometers away from the shop and so you’ll get there with just a hop, skip and a jump. There are a couple of entrances to the trail and it doesn’t matter which one you use.

One entrance will take you up a little bit of an incline on the Roman Road, which is about 2000 years old and you might need to hop off the bike and push. Don’t worry, it’s not far, you’ll soon find yourself in and amongst the ancient apiary. Continue on and you’ll see the oldest carob tree on the island, it’s over 1000 years old. Once you pass through this part you can continue cycling through all the trails you come across. Depending on what trail you choose, you’ll encounter different sites.

Xemxija Heritage Trail Roman road
Xemxija Heritage trail ancient apiary
Xemxija Heritage Trail Carob Tree

If you end up entering the Heritage Trail from the top, you will first come across some Roman baths. Well, you’ll see the sign for them. This was a place where one could enjoy a cold, warm or hot soak with friends in a rock pool. Sounds delightful, we know :). You’ll need to get off the bike here and walk down the stairs to the entrance. From here you also see an old farmhouse which was most likely used for livestock and a tool shed.

Once you’re done exploring these sites, get back upstairs and cross over the path, follow the short trail by foot and you’ll soon come across the ancient cart ruts. These were created by the metal wheels of carts engraving into the soft stone as they rotated along the surface.

Xemxija Heritage trail Roman baths
Xemxija Heritage trail farmhouse
Xemxija Heritage trail cart ruts

While on these trails you will also encounter some Punic tombs, an ancient burial cave, prehistoric wells, farmers huts and cave dwellings. There is so much to explore and this area will keep you entertained for hours. Once you’ve pedalled through, one could cycle all the way to Golden Bay, one of the best white sandy beaches of the island. If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not pedal on up north to Coral Lagoon, a uniquely picturesque place where a hole in the ground is the main attraction.

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