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Exploring The Mosta Rotunda, All You Need To Know About Visiting This Fascinating Church

PERHAPS THE MOST IMPRESSIVE CHURCH in Malta and one of the largest of its kind in the world, this mighty place of worship was completed after 27 years of construction.

Famous for its miraculous ability in preventing bombs from detonating; one punched through the dome while some 300 people were attending mass and two more deflected off of the rotunda, during a World War Two aerial attack.

Mosta Dome, Mosta Rotunda

It is uncomplicated to cycle to Mosta from Eco Sports and there are simply no excuses to not rent a bike and pedal your way there. The route will set you back about 6km. Once you arrive, lock up your bike, grab a pastizzi from one of the nearby pastizzerias, then head on to the massive dome across the street.

Candles in the Mosta Rotunda
Mosta Rotunda Dome Ceiling
Mosta Dome Religious Statues

Try to keep your composure as you comprehend just how magnificent this church is. Thoroughly decorated and embellished, the walls of this Basilica do not disappoint. There is much to see as you stroll around the nave, frequently pausing to admire the surrounding artwork, statues and architectural design.

Once you reach the sacristy, a television screen reveals some incredible facts about the rotunda. Soldier on and eventually you’ll pop up beside a replica of the bomb which, considerately, did not detonate some 70 years ago.

Mosta Dome Bomb
Mosta Dome World War Two Bunkers

Once you’ve explored all you can inside the Basilica, why not spiral up the relentless stairway to the top of the dome? From here you’ll experience a bird’s eye view of the inside of the church. Then, continue with the stairs until you’ve all but reached heaven and you’ll encounter a wondrous view of the town of Mosta.

Mosta Rotunda Church World War Two Bunkers
Bed in War Bunkers

A never-ending spin down the spiral steps will lead you to the World War Two bunkers. Here you will be taken back in time as music from the old days plays awkwardly in the background. It’s eerie and captivating at the same time and tough not to imagine the difficulties and hardships faced by the innocent and exceptionally brave.

Mosta Dome Rotunda

For just a small fee, you can experience numerous elements of this truly magnificent space. Do not miss out on this unforgettable experience.

If you have a keen interest in history and all its happenings, then visit Hagar Qim as well. Some of the oldest free standing structures in the world, they are definitely worth seeing. We suggest cycling to this impressive sight on a different day because after you’ve spent the morning exploring, you can visit Ghar Lapsi and have a splendid snorkel in the clear blue. One of the best snorkelling spots in Malta.

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