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Cycling In The Three Cities & What To Do While You’re There

A RELATIVELY SMALL AREA of Malta and most enjoyable to tour on a bicycle. The roads are quieter here and cycling around gives you the opportunity to see so much more.

The Three Cities Marina

This quaint trio of villages is filled to the brim with history and captivating stories of their past. Situated especially close together, these three heavily fortified towns each have two names.

  • Birgu, also named Vittoriosa, meaning victory, because of its victory against the Ottomans in 1565. It was the second capital city of Malta and was the first home for the Knights of St John, the group of Christian men who built Valletta.
  • Bormla, also named Cospicua, perched between its two peninsula sisters, this old town has beautiful views of the waterfront.
  • Lastly, Senglea is named after its Grandmaster who built it. Also called Isla, this quiet and calm village used to be a hunting ground.
Balconies in Birgu, Vittoriosa
The Three Cities - Borlma
The Three Cities Senglea

Cycling in The Three Cities is one of the most rewarding activities one can do while exploring the country. A peaceful side of the East, the narrow streets and historical buildings are sure to promise quite an interesting ride. If you are not keen on cycling through traffic to get there, Eco Sports can deliver your bikes to you so that you can spend a full day soaking up all that these small villages have to offer. Cross over to Valletta by hopping on The Three Cities ferry, where after about ten minutes, you will be transported into another world.

Things To See And Do In The Three Cities

Fort St Angelo Birgu, Vittoriosa

FORT ST ANGELO is the key to the successful victory of the Ottoman attack. Heavily bombed during World War Two, much of it had to be rebuilt, it has now become a war museum.

Inquisitors Palace - Birgu, Vittoriosa

THE INQUISITORS PALACE, both an historic house museum as well as the national ethnography museum, this old architectural gem was originally used as a tribunal.

Church of St Lawrence, Birgu, Vittoriosa

THE CHURCH OF ST LAWRENCE was the first place of Christian worship in Malta. It was bombed in World War Two, leaving the sacristy and chapter hall to be rebuilt.

Cycling in Birgu The Three Cities

THE NARROW, STONED STREETS and colourful Maltese balconies take you back in time. The locals are friendly and welcoming

Garjola Gardens, Senglea, Isla

GARJOLA GARDENS, a welcome sight of bright flowers and green shrubs. The view of Valletta from the small look out tower is breathtaking.

Birgu Waterfront The Three Cities

BIRGU WATERFRONT offers beautiful views of the yacht filled marina. A selection of impressive restaurants are available for you to take your pick. 

Remember to walk along the edge of Fort St Angelo to visit a secluded swimming zone.  Lock up your bikes and take the steps on the side, continue walking around the fort until you get to the water. Enjoy a cooling dip in the sensational sea.

Visit Valletta by hopping onto the ferry with your bicycles. It’s a short, enjoyable trip across the harbour.

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