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A Guide To Visiting Hagar Qim & Mnajdra, The Ancient Megalithic Temples

SOME OF THE OLDEST FREESTANDING STRUCTURES IN THE WORLD in the world, these ancient megalithic temples were designed for worship rather than habitation and visiting the stone formations will leave you in awe as you learn how and why these structures were built.

View of the sea from Hagar Qim temples

Travelling to this site by bicycle is a pleasant ride; the unbounded areas surrounding it make for an escapade of spectacular views. The roads are quiet which allows for a more relaxed pedal. Parking availability for cars is limited and so you’d be wise to skip the car hire and rent a bike from us at Eco Sports. We have a downloadable GPX route which will send you right here.

Ok so, you’ve locked up your trusty bike, and you’ve entered the building. Once you pay and pass through the curio shop, you’ll watch a short 3-D film which tells you all about the age of the stone temples and how they were built. You’ll amble on through the interactive museum, listening to the educational voice in your ear.

Once you’re enlightened, you’ll get outside and wander up to the first group of rock dominoes, named Hagar Qim. Don’t be surprised when you are suddenly astounded by the sheer size of it.

Hagar Qim Ancient Megalithic Temples Weather Cover
Inside Hagar Qim Ancient Megalithic Temples

About 6000 thousand years ago these exact stones were placed here and if you’ve listened carefully to the informative voice in your ear, you will know how they might have done it without the need for any cranes or heavy lifting equipment of today.

Hagar Qim Oldest still standing structures in the world
Walking down to Mnajdra Temples

From here, you’ll follow the long declining path, combined with encompassing views of sea and fields. At the bottom sits the second temple called Mnajdra. Similar to Hagar Qim, except once you get to the bottom of this one, you’ve got to trek all the way back up. A golf cart service is occasionally available to boost you up to the top, but if you imagine already eating your frosty ice-cream, which you’ll definitely be purchasing from the tuck shop at the top, you might enjoy the trudge.

View of the sea from Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples
Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples

Cycle on to Ghar Lapsi (great for snorkelling) or Blue Grotto (boats trips to sea caves) for a dip in the sea and a scrumptious lunch overlooking the magnificent blue.

Another great place to visit by bike is The Three Cities. Small enough to cycle through, but big enough to keep you totally enthralled by all of its history and tales of its past.

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