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A Guide On Cycling To Coral Lagoon And Its Beautiful Surroundings

THE NATURALLY FORMED SEA CAVE is a spectacular sight. With its clear turquoise waters and unique surroundings this gigantic “pothole” is one worth visiting.

Coral Lagoon is a great hole in the rock with an alluring pool of water, some three stories below. The sea water flows into the cave from the side.  

Eco Sports Malta has an amazing cycling route which will lead you right here. It’s one of the best areas of the island to cycle through and we recommend it to all who want to explore the island in a unique way.

Coral Lagoon

If you’re cycling in the northern most parts of Malta, then you cannot pedal through without stopping to have a look at this magnificent sea cave. It is not easily found, causing many to suggest it’s purely a myth, but it’s there, you’ll find it after a short hike up the rocky path. We usually lock up the bikes at the snack shop nearby.

An MTB e-bike might be a good choice for this ride since there are some magnificent off-road hilly trails along the way and the alluring views are truly breathtaking. With that said, it doesn’t matter which bike you hire, the results of the experience will still exceed all expectations.

Coral Lagoon Malta
Salt at Coral Lagoon

So, you’ve arrived at the site and are most likely in awe of the sheer size of this attraction. Despite the danger signs warning you not to jump, many people who live on the edge turn a blind eye. There’s a pun in there somewhere. Please do not jump, somersault, backflip or dive off this cliff into the water.

Some risk takers have sadly lost their lives at Coral Lagoon and others have had to call for emergency rescues. This cave is situated on the north eastern tip of Malta. The terrain is not protected at all, which makes for some incredibly strong sea currents. Swimming back to land can be entirely debilitating and the distance is quite deceiving.

Walk up to Coral Lagoon Malta
Coral Lagoon

When you’re done looking at the lagoon from above, cycle on to the picturesque village of Ahrax? With its compact prefab-like holiday homes, this Maltese summer residence takes you back in time. Bicycles and toys are scattered throughout, briefly abandoned by their young owners who have been called home for lunch. You’ll most likely spot some boat owners repairing their trusty vessels which are displayed for all to see on the narrow roads.

View of Comino from Coral Lagoon
Bike ride around Ahrax and Coral Lagoon

There are multiple routes one can take to get up to Coral Lagoon, and each one has its advantages. One interesting way will lead you up to the Chapel of Immaculate Conception. Perched on the top of the cliff, this tiny chapel is usually open for inquisitive minds and religious souls to enter.

Bike ride around Coral Lagoon
Chapel of Immaculate Conception

There are plenty beaches and stunning spots to take a dip and we recommend hiring out some of our snorkelling gear so that you can get the full outdoors experience.

If you’re looking for another jaw-dropping experience then take a look at this blog about cycling on Comino, the small island in between Malta and Gozo. 

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