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5 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Bike In Malta.

THERE ARE MANY BICYCLE RENTAL shops in Malta, but of course, Eco Sports is by far the best!  We’re also pretty good at blowing our own horn.

We believe in giving 110% in our service because we know that our customers are important. Without you, there would be no us! And without us…., well, we guess there’d just be less fierce competition for the rest. Rent a bike from Eco Sports Limited and you won’t be disappointed!

Cycling in Malta is fast becoming one of the best ways to see the island and we strongly suggest hiring a bicycle for the duration of your stay on “The Rock”.


Bike rental shop Malta

Are you planning your trip to Malta? Are you looking for alternative ways of getting around instead of by boring bus or crampy car? Are you keen on trying something new or do you just want to get off your butt and keep up your fitness, while taking in the magnificent views of the island?

If your answer to any one of these questions is yes then you’re in the right place. If you’re still reading this, then we’ve succeeded in grabbing your attention, and you’re already in the right frame of mind.



1.The island is small! Yes, the island is tiny, but it packs one hell of a punch! One can cycle to many beautifully scenic, historically fascinating and culturally captivating places in a short amount of time. Why not explore the whole island by bike? Rent these trekking bikes they are your perfect choice for a comfortable ride! We’ve added a few interesting spots to visit which are easily accessible by bicycle.

bicycle rental and e-bike rental
View of the sea from Hagar Qim temples

Dingli Cliffs – the highest point in Malta and some of the most amazing panoramic views. The sunsets here are incredible, so be sure to visit this spectacular spot along your travels.

Hagar Qim – these ancient megalithic temples are some of the oldest still standing structures in the world. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, the free-standing stone buildings are an architectural masterpiece.

Mdina, The Ancient Walled City
Mosta Dome, Mosta Rotunda

Mdina – Malta’s first capital city, this area dates back to about 4000 years ago. It is one of Europe’s most exceptional walled cities.

Mosta Rotunda – this famous church was bombed in World War Two but none of the three bombs detonated. It is one of the largest of its kind in the world.


2.Easier access to some interesting spots! There are many areas on the island which are more accessible by bike. Why not cycle off the beaten track and find those hidden gems? Rent these mountain bikes OR electric MTB’s and cycle along the rugged pathways to some of the most magnificent areas in Malta. Keep reading to find out some good spots to visit.

Coral Lagoon
Blue Lagoon at Comino

Coral lagoon – a natural sea cave with magnificent clear water at the bottom. Also known as Dragonara cave, this breathtaking site offers a great opportunity for snorkelling and diving.

Comino – A small island in between Malta and Gozo, one can cycle around this land in no time. Spend the rest of your day swimming in the magnificent Coral Lagoon.

Mountain biking through the Xemxija Hertitage trail

Xemxija Heritage Trail – An historic series of paths and trails, leading to ancient tombs, caves, apiaries and much more. Spend hours exploring the sites while pedalling your way through this captivating and scenic spot.


3.The quaint and narrow streets of the villages make cycling a wonderful encounter! The scent of homecooked meals wafting through the stoned pathways provoke a desire to try some traditional Maltese cuisine. Do you think you’d get these same experiences by car? If so, then good luck with trying to find a little white box to park in. Rather hire one of the these trekking e-bikes and you’ll be able to cycle through these villages at ease

Lower Barrakka Gardens entrance, Valletta
The Three Cities - Borlma

Valletta – the capital city, a fortress built in the 1500’s by the Knight’s of St John. The smallest capital in the European Union is overflowing with interesting things to do and see while in Malta.

The Three Cities – Ancient fortified villages, filled to the brim with stories of its past. Pedal through these old towns and immersers yourself in the Maltese culture.


4. Cycling is environmentally and economically much better than driving around in a car! We should all be doing our part to reduce our environmental footprint. Do you want to play a positive role and make a real difference? Of course, you do! Plus, driving a car in Malta is about as delightful as pulling teeth.


5. We’ve been told that exercising is good for us! Why not release some of those endorphins that are just waiting to help make you feel good? Also, if you cycle, you’re more awesome than the general population.


So, now that we’ve convinced you to ride a bike, go ahead and check out what bicycles we have on offer OR Get in touch and we’ll assist with any queries. The booking process is quick and easy!

We have many downloadable routes for you to choose from, so getting lost is not an option!

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